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(a roleplaying guild on Stromm for the PC Game "Everquest")


Submit a New Character

We are currently recruiting new characters of any race between Levels 1-15 only. Higher level characters will be considered in the near future.

The name of your character. Please submit an appropriate, roleplaying name for your race.

Male Female

Select your race.

Select your class.

Select your deity.

Your current level.

Your character's backstory. (This can be simple or detailed.)

Select the days and times you are available to be tagged.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7am-Noon Pacific
Noon-6pm Pacific
6pm-Midnight Pacific

Please enter your e-mail address, so that we can contact you with a tagging appointment for your character. If you wish to keep each of your character submissions anonymous from each other, then use a different e-mail address from free services such as Hotmail, Lycos, and Yahoo.

Remember that your character must be PK active (PvP Enabled) before you will be tagged. To do this, talk to your local Priest of Discord and complete the simple book quest that is given out.