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(a roleplaying guild on Stromm for the PC Game "Everquest")


Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide and maintain the "Classic Everquest (EQ)" feel of roleplaying (RP), adventuring, and trading in a Player vs. Player (PvP) environment for good vs. evil conflicts and other types of storytelling.

The Guild Fundamentals

Strict Roleplaying: We are a roleplaying guild, so when you are playing your character you should be acting the way your character would truly act and behave in the world of Norrath. Please use complete sentences, no abbreviations, and no "d00d sp33k". Keep out of character (OOC) conversation in either OOC mode, Tell Mode, or in our Chat Channel. Shout Mode, Auction Mode, and Group Mode are all used for their intended purposes.

PvP: We chose to make the entire guild Player Kill (PK) active, so that everyone could be on equal ground and have the opportunity to have good vs. evil conflicts and simple skirmishes. All PvP activity must have an RP reason behind it; do not attack others for no reason. Griefing will not be tolerated in our guild, and you will be removed. You may also use Duel and the Arenas for your PvP activity, if you choose to do so.

Focus on Roleplaying: We are a guild centered on roleplaying and storytelling, not for experience grinding and "uber" loot. The closer you are in level with everyone else in the guild, the more options you have for roleplaying and grouping with your fellow guildmates.

No Twinking: Twinking is the term used when you outfit your low level character with high level gear. Please do not do this. Twinking throws your character and any groups you play with out of balance.

Plane of Knowledge (PoK): This plane and all pedestals are reserved for those Level 47 and higher, since we wish to maintain a "classic" feel of traveling and adventure in the game.

The Nexus: There is limited usage of the Nexus. Nexus travel is permitted between the 5th and 10th of each month.. This is so we can maintain the "classic" feel of Everquest and help support the porting abilities of our Wizards and Druids.

Traveling: Traveling between cities is permitted, however, we encourage you to play and grow near your home cities. Travel when there is RP reason to do so.

Languages: Common Tongue is not to be used when roleplaying. Please use your native tongue (New human characters to the guild will be taught the Combine Tongue). Learning new languages is to be done through roleplay conversation or by training points - no spamming. You will be amazed of how fun it is to converse through the use of Emotes, when conversing with a different race other than your own.

Tradeskills: We highly encourage you to pick up a tradeskill and help us build a vibrant, guild economy of trading. It is not required, but it helps pass the time if you have no one to roleplay with. We will need crafters, shopkeepers, and raw material suppliers. So there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Bazaar: The Bazaar trading center is off limits to all guild members, so that we can establish our own economy of trading. Bazaar services for raw materials and rare items are available through "Kurzann", our Guild Leader and Traveling Merchant by appointment (email) only.

Guild Channel: This channel is to be used by the Guild Leader or Officers for official business and announcements. Guildmembers may use this channel for any guild related questions, but not for OOC talk.

The Guild Chat Channel: Our chat channel is "eqrp", which can be joined by typing "/join eqrp". This channel is for all of your guild, OOC talk. Talk about whatever you like on this channel. You can also join this channel from another server by typing "/join stromm.eqrp".

NPC Quests: We encourage you to partake in NPC quests for weapons and armor, and also for roleplaying ideas for your character stories. Quests are not required, but recommended for added fun.

EQ Lore: Everquest has a very rich, detailed history. We try to remain true and honest to all Everquest Lore to include the past, present, and the future (EQ2). Lore from "Middle Earth" and "Dungeons & Dragons" should not be used.

Alternate Characters (alts): Playing alts in our guild is perfectly acceptable, but consider keeping your true, real-life identity anonymous between each of your characters.

Diaries / Journals: We encourage all of your characters to write diaries, journals, and stories on our message board for everyone's enjoyment. To keep each of your characters anonymous from each other, log in to the message board using your character name and separate email. (Free email available from providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Lycos, among many others.)

RP Groups: We encourage you to create and run your own little groups and adventures to invite other players to. If you would like to officially schedule your group, please email your Guild Leader and it will be posted on our Guild Calendar.

RP Sessions: Every week we will have various race-themed, RP sessions for everyone to join and enjoy. These sessions will be scheduled at various times every day.

RP Events: Each month we will attempt to schedule an Event Day involving either all players or certain cities to enjoy.

RP With Non Guild Members: This is acceptable and encouraged, since it will help bring fresh, new roleplayers into our guild. Remember to roleplay and help keep our Guild in a positive light to others.

Death and Corpse Retrieval: Death in Everquest can be handled in three different ways. 1) Your character's spirit returns to the place it was bound and must reunite with its body (i.e. Corpse Retrieval) before your character can continue to roleplay with others. 2) Your character's corpse can be resurrected. 3) Your character has permanently perished, by your choice. You may do this if you wish your character to be turned into a Legend that will be talked about by others, or if you simply wish to "retire" your character and reroll a new one.

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